Empty Property Experts

We specialise in offering creative an innovative solutions for empty properties in and around Derby.

Property can fall vacant for many reasons:

  • Divorce.
  • Emigration.
  • Inheritance/Bereavement.
  • Un-achievable renovation requirements.
  • Relocation.
  • Health issues

Here at Empty Property Experts can offer a variety of solutions to breathing life into empty property.
Derbyshire suburbs are full of vacant houses, unused commercial property, wasteland and abandoned buildings. Not only do these pose significant health and safety concerns for those living/working near but they can cause untold damage to adjoining units and buildings.

This in turn could make a significant impact on the value of neighbouring property!

Empty property with wild overgrown gardens can affect neighbour foundations, breed pests and vermin, create a fly tipping issue and more.
Empty property can be a target for vandalism, a 'hang out' for those with questionable motives affecting the safety of homes and families within the community

Our team of experienced property professionals, our investor network, our project management team and of course our creative thinkers can provide a variety of options when dealing with empty property.
From simply re-security sealing a property, boarding  up and changing locks, garden and property management, controlling trees and lawns and the ongoing maintenance of grounds so ensure it's visual appeal along safety and consideration for the community right through to direct property purchase, renovation partnership solutions and more.

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Residential Property

We work with a wide variety of residential property that has fallen vacant and work quickly and effectively to provide the right solution for every owner. This may involve direct purchase. It could mean a development partnership or an ongoing retainer to manage the site.
Each solution is as individual as the owner.
The effective management of empty residential property helps to secure long term investments, as well as getting the community around it onside.

Commercial Property

Empty Commercial property offers its own very specific set of challenges. This could include a simple demolition program and getting the site ready for brownfield development, it could mean conversion and creative use of the space to maximise its potential. 
Commercial property is often purchased and sealed, then 'filed way' for a rainy day. We can offer regular property inspections, security sweeps and building condition reports. As well as potential purchase/development partnerships.


Abandoned commercial property derby

How we can help

Property and Land Purchase in Derby.

Sometimes, the purchase of empty property can be the easiest solution when dealing with empty property.
There are many hiccups, hurdles and high jumps that owners can face and things like experience, development funds, time and patience can put barriers in the way of developing property.

Using our closed network of property investors to make the purchase easy and stress free can be a life line for many accidental owners, exhausted developers, those with inherited property and people looking for a fast solution for the often heavy burden of managing empty property.

The process is simple, give us a call on 01332 974021 and we'll arrange to come and view. Using our investor network means that in many cases, you could have a cash offer within 48 hours with a move to completion as a priority for our team. Typically, we can cover all sales costs meaning even less headaches for you!

Many of the owners we've helped with a property purchase feel instantly lighter, with a freedom not felt in a long time.

Property and estate management services in Derby.

We offer a comprehensive empty property management service that ranges from security sealing and condition monitoring right through to weekly/bi-weekly lawn mowing.
We can even help with leaving vehicles regularly on the drive and intermittent internal light rotation ensuring people are uncertain if a unit or house is actually vacant!

Our property management services are bespoke meaning each clients needs and requirements are different.

Our expert team can help ensure empty property stays in tip top condition and is monitored according to your requirements.

Great for Extended holidays and cruises or time spent in holiday homes, business trips  & second home management. We also work with clients whose health difficulties leave property vacant, relatives of owners in care and interim management of inherited properties that may be in probate.

Ensuring property stays in optimal condition during any periods of vacancy helps with site security, grounds and garden maintenance and helps prevent further work or hardship upon return. At a base level, we help prevent empty houses looking and feeling empty ensuring 'a home stays a home' and of course deterring people with unsavory intention.

Property Partnerships, joint ventures and development project management.

Budgets only stretch so far. Developing and empty property is a challenge and with busy modern day lives, refurbishing property can impact massively on family life and the all important work/life balance.

Our team of property professionals can offer property development partnerships, joint ventures and development project management that can lead to better and quicker financial returns and more streamlined, professional refurbishment projects.

As always, not to projects are the same, so get in touch to chat through your project ideas, difficulties or concepts and we may be able to help manage, develop and plan.

In some cases we offer joint venture/property partnerships where we'll work together to achieve property goals and develop empty property through to potential. We can help manage empty property refurbishment for out of town owners, making sure budgets are adhered to, every day problems are overcome and the impact on lives is kept to minimum disruption.